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ROOTS Tree Of Life, Return Of Our True Self {R.O.O.T.S.}

R.O.O.T.S. Let Wisdom Be Your Guide "Natural"

By using 100% natural products like Shea Butter - Black Soap - Moringa - Black Seed Oil so much more we could tell you of. Our natural world is full of 100% natural products that have always being there.

In every garden there are Herbs, Nuts & Seeds that can be mixed, with Shea Butter then slow melted in to oil`s. natural & natural mix`s always work well, ones it cooled Shea Butter always come back as butter form like a cream.

R.O.O.T.S. Return Of Our True Self "Natural"

The more one dose for self, like cooking your own food [by the way try cooking with our white Shea Butter]. Now try making your own body care products

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ROOTS Shea Butter Original

R.O.O.T.S Shea Butter Original 100g

Premium 100% Natural R.O.O.T.S Shea Butter Original: Moisturises, Protects, Heals, Anti-Aging

£6.99 plus postage & packaging (within the UK Only)

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