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Potential Benefits Of Shea Butter For the Skin And Hair

Please beware of Imitators

Shea butters that are produced from chemicals to imitate
natural African Shea butter are not nearly as beneficial for the skin.

Many of the chemicals clog pores or cause further damage to the skin

One hundred percent natural Unrefined Shea butter have been found to be the most beneficial, we do our very best to provide our customers with an effective and ethically sourced products. Which is the best regenerating anti-agent with deep healing properties

Here are some of the many benefits of Unrefined Shea butter...

> Antibacterial > Firms Skin

> Antioxidant > Fills Wrinkles

> Anti-Inflammatory > Conditions Scalp/Hair

> Anti-Aging > Fights Dandruff

> Adds @ Retains Moisture > Reduces Hair Breakage

> Sun Protection > Adds Shine to Hair

. Reduces > Reduces Symptoms of:

> Wrinkles Eczema

> Dark Spots > Psoriasis

> Scars > Dermatitis

A combination of Shea butter and African black soap helps to reduce acne.

Roots Shea butter, is the best regenerating anti-agent with deep healing properties

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